We Are Connected

ArtOne is extremely proud of the connections that we've made over the last few years. We have a robust and growing network of Chinese colleges and high schools, all focused on helping international students connect to their creative careers and finding the AICAD school that serves that goal.

The relationships we’ve built make our programming possible and the end result is one that’s completely collaborative. We are a network more than a company. Our mission connects creativity to careers through partnerships, people & programs that create opportunities.

Our Partners


Address: Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai

Web:  http://www.psoneart.com 

About: PS-ONE Portfolio School is a subsidiary of Beijing World Link Education  LTD, an overseas educational consultation company based in Beijing,with branches in Shanghai and Chengdu. We work with Chinese art students to  gain entry to top art schools around the world. We provide consultation  and portfolio training from instructors who have graduated from the top  10 institute around the world, and work to provide the following services:

  • Art Portfolio training
  • Consultations
  • Application processing
  • Art and creative training
  • Workshops    

Our strongest fields are: Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation,  Industrial Design and Architecture.     

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Address: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Universities Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing 401331     

Web: http://www.scfai.edu.cn/

About: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SFAI), with a history of over 64 years, is one of the five most prominent art academies in China and the only one in the south-west China.  At present, it’s been establishing cultural exchange relation‘s with more and more foreign art institutes, delegations and artists, dispatching students to study abroad and receiving foreign students to study in our institute, which result in promoting international art exchanges and development. These outstanding artists make huge contribution to the development of Fine Arts in China.  

Vanke Meisha Academy

Address: Vanke Meisha Academy,No. 33 Huanmei Road, Dameisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Web: http://www.vma.edu.cn/en/index.html

About: VMA is an international school funded by Vanke Education Development Fund, and it is academically supported by Shenzhen Middle School. Vanke Meisha Academy is committed to cultivate global citizens and leaders with Chinese identity. Vanke Meisha Academy created the pioneering “The Golden Triangle” curriculum structure, which combines Chinese national curriculum, American high school Advanced Placement courses, and the International Baccalaureate (commonly known as “IB”) program. The national curriculum, which is consistent with that in Shenzhen Middle School, will provide students a solid academic foundation. At the same time, the International Baccalaureate (commonly known as “IB”) program and 15 Advanced Placement selective courses will pave the way to be competitive in a global context.  

Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU

Address: No.2, Science Avenue, Guangzhou Science Town, Guangzhou, 510663 

Web: http://www.huashifuwai.com/en/

About: SCNUFL is a private school co-founded by Guangzhou Lingnan Fanya Education Investment Co,Ltd., and South China Normal University (SCNU). Founded in 1933, SCNU now is a comprehensive university. It is listed in the 211 project and is a provincial key university. SCNU is a base for elementary education that combines innovation and practice. It has established its affiliated kindergarten, primary school and junior high school and gets remarkable achievements. SCNUFL is an important practice of SCNU in the field of basic education internationalization research.  

The United International College - Academy of Continuing Education (UIC-ACE)

Address: 28 Jinfeng Road, Tangjiawan, Zhuhai, Guangdong 519085   

Web: http://web.uic.edu.hk/en/ace

About: United International College - Academy of Continuing Education (UIC-ACE), is situated in Zhuhai and is a division of UIC, jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), is the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Mainland and Hong Kong. Its charter has been approved by the Ministry of Education with full support from local authorities. UIC shoulders the historical mission of advancing the internationalization of Chinese higher education and taking the lead in implementing liberal arts education in China. Since its first enrollment in 2005, UIC has grown into an international institution with innovative educational approaches.  

Hema Education Art Institutes (HEMA)

Address: 3rd Floor, Fuli Golden Street, Fuli Phase 2 , Universities Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing 401331  

Web: http://www.ayhmjy.com/

About: Hema Education's roots go back to 2003 with the establishment of Chongqing Art Exam Education.  In 2014 the organization became known as Hema Education Art Institutes. At present, Hema Education is found in 10 cities across China and the number of students accepted art training in Hema Education is up to ten thousand.   

Shuhua Fine Arts

Address:   1-5 / F,  Textile Industry Research Institute, 271 Changgang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou   

Web:  is http://www.shuhuaedu.com/ 

About:  Founded  in December 1999, Shuhua Art is an educational institution focused on  the basic training course of fine arts. It focuses on cultivating  students' artistic accomplishment, practical ability and painting  skills. After  18 years of accumulated experience, the center has now established  children's art, college entrance examination art, comprehensive art, international study and art teacher training and other teaching  departments, one after another in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Zhuhai and other  places with more than 30 schools, Teachers up to 300 people, the cumulative training of various levels  of art students more than 10 million people, and trained tens of thousands of students into the major art institutions. 

Pingdu No.1 Senior High School

Address: 101 Tianjin Rd, Pingdu Shi, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Web: http://www.pdyz.pdedu.net/

About: Pingdu No. 1 school was founded in 1902 as a National Modern Educational Technology Experimental School, one first standardized schools. It has won numerous awards for its sports, projects, teaching and as a key demonstration school. In fact, the Pingdu No. 1 school has won more awards than any school in the Shandong Province.  In early 2002, the school moved to its current location, covering more than 420 acres in the eastern part of the city. Serving 6200 students with 559 faculty, the school was awarded a substantial investment of 120 million yuan that has significantly modernized the campus information network and other technological services that have it again, at the leading edge of modern education in China. 

Xi’an Eurasia University


Address: South Dongyi Road Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China 610065
Web: http://en.eurasia.edu/
About:  Xi’an Eurasia University's vision is to be the most respected private university in China.  To deliver on that vision, the curricula are focused on career success, designed to rapidly meet the needs of the market.  The university is a first-class campus environment, with renowned faculty and facilities, offering every amenity that can be imagined - in fact, Xi'an Eurasia University is truly a city within a city.  The School of Art and Design at Xi'an Eurasia University was founded in 1998 and has rapidly become one of the most dynamic and fast-growing programs on campus.  It also happens to be one of the most internationally active with many cooperative agreements between schools all over the world.  The school features four major programs, Communication Design, Advertising Design and Production, Interior Design and Technology, and Environmental Art and Design. 

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