We are Experienced

From academics focused on advancing ArtOne’s high-engagement learning strategies and scrupulously reviewing program effectiveness, to building a collaborative governance structure that ensures sustainability of our operations, we've built an impressive team.

ArtOne's business goals are devoted to the success of our mission - to grow and become the world's leading resource in connecting creativity to careers through partnerships, people and programs with the objective to create international opportunities for students, staff and faculty. 

Our Leadership

Max Wei, Chairman of the Board

Max Wei has become a champion for international education with years of experience in helping very talented students find the schools that are best for them. He and his professional team in Mainland China are dedicated to building better pathways for both students and schools through the creation of ArtOne, Inc. Mr. Wei's experience includes key leadership positions over the last two decades, including management roles with Siemens Ltd., in China, as founder and president of an international education company in Canada, and as president of Smartone International Education Inc. in China. As the Chairman of the Board for ArtOne, Inc., Mr. Wei is responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s long-term strategy with a focus on creating shareholder value. He is ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for leading the company in accordance with its strategic plans. Max Wei can be reached through his ArtOne email: max.wei@artone.co 

Evan Yi, Chief Operations Officer

Evan Yi is a professional educator, serving in the international education industry for years. He has been involved in and contributed to many successful Sino-foreign programs, dedicated to building bridges between Chinese students and education partners. Yi received his law BA degree in China, and dual Master’s degree at Sydney University, majoring in media practice and interpretation.  Mr. Yi’s career began as a journalist, but along the way he began teaching Chinese students English and study skills, eventually representing foreign schools, building cooperation  agreements and then recruiting students to their programs. Currently he is the general manager of Smartone International Education, Inc., focused on building international collaboration programs for domestic and international partners, and is contributing this passion and knowledge to the ArtOne program, to educate and recruit more Chinese students to top art and design colleges all over the world and providing them opportunities for successful creative careers. As the Chief Operating Officer of ArtOne, Inc., Yi is responsible for promoting ArtOne in China and uses his experience to make ArtOne a terrific organization, providing solutions for candidate Chinese art students through partnerships with high school and colleges. Evan Yi can be reached through his email at: evan.yi@artone.co