We Work Hard and Have Fun!

The ArtOne Art Experience is 2-week immersion in understanding Western traditions in art. The program is unique in that it combines introductory topics in contemporary art history with basic studio practices so that students can understand how to prepare their applications to AICAD schools.

Using the history of Western art to understand the evolution of practice, combined with studio assignments that explore contemporary approaches to topics, students will develop and create their own artwork that is supported by an area of research.  

ArtOne Art Experience

Touring Museums and Galleries

The program always includes the best museums and galleries in the area.  Here students are enjoying work at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Cincinnati (above) and works at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Touring Art and Design Colleges

Of course, since ArtOne is all about college prep, we tour the best art and design schools in the region.  Here students are enjoying studio tour of the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Working in the Studio

ArtOne provides hands-on art instruction from AICAD faculty that really gets students prepared to think about the kind of portfolio they need to build for their applications to college.

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