We are Listeners

Our advisors provide regular input and feedback to ArtOne. Because of their expertise, they are able to review the effectiveness of the existing programming of ArtOne, as well as explore and recommend new opportunities that might benefit ArtOne, our partners, and collaborators.

But most of all, it's about the students of ArtOne.  Our advisors also offer key input on strategies to promote ArtOne to various groups to improve their awareness of and access to our programming and events, thereby strengthening our relationships with our students and their goals.

Our Advisors

Deborah Obalil

Ms. Deborah Obalil has over fifteen years’ experience as a leader in the national arts and culture industry, having led multiple highly acclaimed organizations and served as a well-regarded management consultant to the field. She was appointed the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) in June 2012 and as President of AICAD in fall 2015. As President & Executive Director she leads the organization in achieving its mission of strengthening and connecting its members schools, thus advancing art and design education. Prior to her appointment with AICAD, Deborah was the Executive Director of the Alliance of Artists Communities, an organization dedicated to the advancement of America’s creative vitality through supporting the field of artists’ communities. During her six-year tenure, the Alliance’s membership grew by more than 20%, the annual budget tripled, and new relationships developed with the Ford Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation and the Joyce Foundation directed more than $2 million of re-granting funds.

He Yukai

Mr. He Yukai is the principal and owner of Hema Education, which is one of the largest arts education organizations in China. He was born in Guang’an city, Sichuan, graduated in architecture from the prestigious Sichuan Art Academy. After completing his studies, he founded Chongqing Art Exam Education in 2003. Now known as Hema Education, the company has grown from a few students to one of the largest art training organizations in China, with campuses in ten cities. Hema Education is valued at nearly 20 million RMB and because of its success as one of the most famous and successful art and English training companies in China, it is called “the New Oriental.” Hema Education is set up to provide arts education in broadcasting for both film and television, as well as dance, music and visual arts through basic education and more intensive preparation for future studies.  

Patricia Franklin

Ms. Pat Franklin is on the Board of Directors, and the past-president for the National Art Education Association (NAEA). She is also the Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts for Newport News Public Schools in the Tidewater Region of Virginia. Previously, she spent 27 years as a classroom art teacher in grade levels ranging from Pre-K to grade 12 and has experience in virtual and college level arts education. Pat has been involved in the development of several key NAEA policy statements on the arts, advocating that the arts should be treated as core disciplines for study, not extracurricular activities or enrichment to be granted to a few. In practice, this means that effective arts education requires sequential curricula, dedicated time for instruction and learning (within each grade and across the grades), qualified teachers, and a fair share of educational resources. Similarly, arts instruction should be carried out with the same high expectations as instruction and learning in other core subjects.  

Yung-Chen Lu

Dr. Yung-Chen Lu is a professor emeritus of the mathematics department at The Ohio State University. During his tenure, he received several teaching and service awards. In the Asian community, Dr. Lu is deeply committed to his voluntary services. He joined the board of Chinese Associations of Central Ohio (1984) and was chair of the Columbus Chinese School (1988-89). He is founder and president of the Asian American Community Service Council (since 1994) and the founder and manager of the Asian Senior Meal program (since 1994). Also in 1994, Dr. Lu proposed the Columbus Asian Festival; he still co-chairs what has become the largest Asian festival in the U.S.  Dr. Lu’s volunteer work has been recognized many times over the years, and in 2013, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Outstanding Volunteers.    

David Finegold

Dr. David Finegold is the 19th President of Chatham University. He has over 30 years of experience in higher education as a researcher, author, professor, academic dean, senior vice president and chief academic officer. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 1985, and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, from which he received his PhD in Politics in 1992.   Dr. Finegold has dedicated his career to education reform, the design of  high-performance organizations, and extensive research on education and  skill-creation systems around the world.  He has been a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world, and has provided policy advice and research on skills issues to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.    

ShuHua Du

ShuHua Du is the founder and CEO of Shuhua Education Group, which is the only institution that has established an education chain from K level to adult education. As the first place student in entrance exam, Mr. Du completed study of fine art in the well-known Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and obtained EMBA degree in Sun Yat-sen University. Since he found Shuhua in 1999, he published many art education books and art training syllabus that are leading the art education. Thus, Mr. Du is called “Father of Arts Training Program”and is appointed as the first chancellor of Guangzhou Art Training Association. In addition, Mr. Du is the CEO of Shizi Peace Poster competition, Star entrepreneur from GAFA and Director of Qiao Shi Guang Art Museum.  

Moses Wang

Mr. Moses Wang is a reknowned educator and the founder of YMM Art Education International Group. He has been researching creative industries and art education in the East and West for over a decade. He has developed “The Theory System of YMM Art Education” which is the basis for The YMM Art Academy, with many locations around the world. Under his teaching philosophy “To enlighten wisdom by art”, more and more children are living an intellectually and culturally enriched life. Founded in 2005, YMM Art Education International Group includes a range of subsidiaries including YMM Art  Academy, YMM Children’s Art Gallery, YMM Research Institute, and others.  YMM Research & Development headquarters is located in the Washington D.C. area, USA, and the branches of YMM Art Academy have been  established in Toronto, Paris, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan and many other cities around the world.