We are Committed

ArtOne knows that, more than ever before, institutions need to maintain high admission requirements. Standards for admission should consider an applicant's preparation, previous education and experience, and demonstrable evidence of future success.  

ArtOne is designed to be a bridge to help prospective international students connect to colleges that can advance their creative careers. To that end, we offer programming that prepares them for college with a quality curriculum and support systems, all to create known applicants for AICAD schools.  

Our Work

Integrated Programming

Our curriculum and its support programs are dedicated to building creative students' capacity for academic and career success with solid studio skills that are contextualized through instruction in art history and theory, and taught in English to develop essential research and critique competencies. We then match these students with AICAD institutions that best serve their academic major and their career aspirations.    

  • Our students build professional portfolios in AICAD's SlideRoom and work with participating AICAD faculty to ensure that their work is critiqued and reviewed prior to application and for admission. 
  • ArtOne offers integrated and focused instruction with English terminology to allow students early success in using English to conduct research, to participate in critique and engage with your campus community!
  • We build semester and off-semester programming that introduces students to AICAD.  From ArtOne's U.S. College Tours to ArtOne's China Portfolio Tours, we are committed to providing accurate information about college preparation. 

Consistent Quality

Our outcomes are open to the input of our partners and collaborators. We welcome the voices of faculty and staff, and encourage them to engage in the review of student work and participate in the curriculum. The end result is that we offer known, well-qualified applicants. With support from AICAD faculty and by following NASAD standards, we believe that we offer an exceptional program delivering better-prepared applicants. 

  • We provide the opportunity for staff and faculty to get to know prospective students over years so there are no mystery applicants. 
  • ArtOne focuses on and regularly assesses the conceptual skills and language skills that students need to be successful, not just for their applications, but far beyond. Our commitment to quality is driven by the input of our partners and collaborators.
  • Students who are successful with ArtOne's programs have a level of review and acceptance readiness that far exceeds that of other regular agencies. Our commitment to evidence is what allows us to grow and improve.

Value to All

Our partners and our collaborators all want the same thing: success! We believe the secret to that success is communication and collaboration. We use our knowledge of our partners and collaborators to organize ourselves as a bridge to serve both.  As a result, we welcome and offer regular opportunities for staff and faculty in both the U.S. and China to come together and work to constantly improve ArtOne.

  • ArtOne has created robust communication channels between partners that help to coordinate collective efforts to develop reporting on marketing, program quality, data and trends analysis, and other compliance requirements that partners or collaborators may have.
  • We are constantly building and improving semester and off-semester programming around the academic calendar that provides professional development and teaching opportunities.
  • ArtOne uses its knowledge of AICAD schools to organize events in the U.S. and China, so that your staff and faculty can have opportunities to share information about your school and your community.