ArtOne connects
creativity to careers

Partnerships, people & programs creating educational opportunities

We Build Bridges

With its innovative approach, ArtOne has negotiated durable partnerships to help us provide exciting college-prep experiences that build known applicants with creative portfolios and strong English skills. We work with faculty in the U.S. and China to develop our outcomes and curriculum.  

Our partners, which include high schools and colleges, help us to deliver and assess our programs. We also value our collaborators and the support we get from the member schools of AICAD (Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design), the leading art and design schools in the world.

Our Network

Partners and Collaborators

We are proud of our ability to forge connections with partners and collaborators to provide quality programs - from professional development and career opportunities for faculty, to college-readiness and application support for students, we develop models for success in the classroom and beyond.  

Leaders and Advisors

We have significant support from an experienced leadership team and an invaluable group of advisors who give us welcome feedback on our programs, help us with the development of unique opportunities, and give of their time to support the mission of ArtOne to connect creativity to careers.  

Students and Teachers

  Students and teachers benefit from our comprehensive approach to art and design in the 21st Century – we build our outcomes, our curriculum, and our ESL support in an integrated fashion, merging practice, engagement, thought and communication. It's our partnerships that make a difference!  

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